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    3. contact number: 0577-61752511


      LED display

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      Shangfeng maintains the concept of providing a superior customer experience, providing customers with innovative products and engineering solutions. Technology-oriented and driven by innovation. In the pursuit of stable and reliable products, we are committed to meeting the increasingly stringent and complex requirements of LED displays for LED displays, providing safer, smarter and more environmentally friendly solutions for LED displays.


      contact number: 0577-61752511

      • fax:0577-61757211
      • mailbox: shangfeng@cnsfe.com
      • Service Hotline:0577-61752611
      • Official website: www.thecellarmensbar.com
      • address:Xitantou, Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province(411 Huxiao Road)

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